About Maribo Craft Days

Six days in week 41 in 2021 with

A week filled with craft and cosiness

Maribo Craft Days are a six days paradise for craft-enthusiasts. In the cosy historical settings in Maribo you can walk past the shops of the town and experience the many magical hands.

You can meet many people working with their hands, craftsmen and people who love sustainability.

It is free to visit the festival, but at some events it is necessary to book in advance because of the space and at some events we collect entrance fee. As visitors at the festival of magical hands, you get a bracelet.

With this bracelet you can get a discount in several of the shops and in the restaurants of the town.

Frequently asked questions

Maribo Craft Days are a festival for needlework, craft, handicraft and sustainability. We do also call it a festival for magical hands.

 The festival of magical hands takes place in week 41, 12th-17th October 2021.

Gradually as Maribo Craft Days make agreements with the participants we will publish them here.

The final and detailed program will be published on the homepage, as soon as all agreements have been made. We expect that it will be ready about the 1st of August. When you arrive in Maribo, it will be possible to get a printed program.

Maribo on the island Lolland has been chosen as home for the festival of magical hands, because Maribo has no less than six unique needlework shops. On Lolland there are many people, who love working with their hands. From professional quilters to guitar builders and stonecutters. Maribo has a fantastic nature and cosy surroundings and is the perfect location for Maribo Craft Days.

Maribo Craft Days have been created and created by the ones, who love using their hands. In Maribo you find no less than five (six) unique needlework shops and one of them, BEO BEO Quilt Workshop, managed to persuade the others to participate. With help from Iværksætter Lolland and Maribo Handel Maribo Craft Days were brought into being and now people from far and near come to experience a week, where we together act for the future.

The festival grew already when it took place for the second time. Thus we have hired a project team this year who organizes many of the practical tasks. You can contact the team on hej@maribocraftdays.dk

Project leader Lasse Schwartz, LS@ivaerksaetterlolland.dk

Logistic Coordinator Amalie Knirke Thylkjær Jensen, Partner Coordinator Bodil Egeberg, Sustainability Coordinator Susana Toro Zapata, Marketing Coordinator Lise Ravnkilde, Photographer Ingrid and Web Designer Mette Gier Larsen.

We want as many guests as possible, and thus it is free to visit the festival.

Some activities need reservation because of the space and for some activities we collect entrance/contribution of material costs.

The local shops and associations in Maribo put their nice locations at our disposal and together with the volunteers they make it possible for us to share our passion with each other. We hope that you will meet people with a smile and support all those, who have given some time in order to make Maribo Craft Days a reality.

From Copenhagen
With public transportation
Take the train to Nykøbing Falster, where you change to the local train to Nakskov. Check https://rejseplanen.dk
By car
We recommend that you fill the car or pick up some other good people on the way. Find the motor road (E47/E55) towards Rødby and take the exit at Maribo.

From Funen and Jutland
With public transportation
a. In Odense you can take the bus 800 towards Nykøbing F, it stops at Maribo Station.
b. Train to Copenhagen, in Ringsted you go with train towards Nykøbing F, where you go by the local train towards Nakskov. Check https://rejseplanen.dk
By car
We recommend that you fill the car or pick up some good people on the way.
a. Take E20 Øst (East) and change to the motor road (E47/E55) towards Rødby and finally take the exit at Maribo on the island Lolland.
b. Take E 20 towards east and change to main road 9 towards Svendborg and Langeland. Take the ferry from Spodsbjerg to Tårs on Lolland and drive to Maribo for 30 minutes.

From Germany
With public transportation
Take the ferry Puttgarden-Rødby and afterwards bus 720R, which departs every hour and takes about 30 minutes.
By car
You can arrive from Germany to the island Lolland and Maribo with the ferry Puttgarden-Rødby and then drive 15 minutes on the motor road to Maribo.
Or you can sail with the Rostock-Gedser connection to the island Falster and then drive 60 minutes to Maribo on Lolland.

Yes we love the volunteers at Maribo Craft Days. Write to us on hej@maribocraftdays.dk if you want to be a volunteer.

When the registration period expires on the 1st of June 2021 we will be working at high pressure in order to look at all of the registrations and make a puzzle when considering the placement of the many participants and the relevant locations. We expect that all participants have an answer before the middle of June.

Unfortunately we do not have enough room for all registrated participants, but we work to make room for as many as possible and in order to make the program as varied and exiting as possible. We prioritize having many participants who work with sustainability as a theme.

You can apply for becoming an actor at Maribo Craft Days, if you produce unique things. As an actor you can hold a lecture, show an exhibition, have a workshop or present your products and techniques. You must be prepared to tell about your process and the techniques which you use.

When we select the actors we emphasize on getting different actors and things. And we work with getting big width as well as high craftsmanlike and artistic quality in our program.

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