Do you have magical hands?

If you want to be an actor during Maribo Craft Days this year you have to sit at your keyboard. From the 1st of May until the 1st of June 2021 you can apply for being one of the actors at the festival of magical hands.
The festival which takes place in week 41 in Maribo on the island Lolland is going to offer a very wide range of needleworkers, craftsmen and people with sustainability on their agenda. As an actor you will participate with one day or all six days. It is possible to apply for a definite location, but we do not know all the locations yet, at which there are going to be activities. The project team will shortly after the 1st of June consider who will be participating at Maribo Craft Days 2021.

Embroider Trine Runge Jensen comes to Maribo. Photo: Anna Marín Schram

Embroider has a workshop at Munk Stuen

We are occupied with finding the many locations where all our future actors are going to have their workshops, give their lectures and discuss. This year we have found a new and quite different location for a workshop: The pub Munk Stuen. Embroider Trine Runge Jessen, who is famous for drinking beer when she embroiders, is enthusiastic with the idea of making a workshop in a pub. And Adnan Camovic from Munk Stuen does also think that it is a funny and good idea, and thus he accepted the idea. Trine Runge Jessen is going to have her workshop at Munk Stuen on the 13th of October 2021.

Embroider Trine Runge Jensen comes to Maribo. Photo: Anna Marín Schram

Malthe Skram and Anne Gyrite Schütt

The artist Anne Gyrite Schütt had a very good experience during the festival last year, and she is going to participate this year. Partly with a lecture and partly with a workshop.

Another participant at Maribo Craft Days 2021 is the young designer Malthe Skram. He grew up in Maribo and has been educated in design and business with special subject in fashion design. He has been inspired by his childhood in Maribo, “especially the rural idyll” has inspired him.
Malthe Skram will also give a lecture one of the days.

The project team is complete

We found a web designer!

Mette Gier Larsen who leads the company  Inno web  is already optimizing the homepage. Click and see how nice it has become. Mette is living in Grindsted in Jutland, but it does not matter when it comes to designing a homepage.

The Project Team of Maribo Craft Days 2021 looks like this:
Project Leader Lasse Schwartz,
Logistic Coordinator Amalie Knirke Thylkjær Jensen, Partner Coordinator Bodil Egeberg, Sustainability Coordinator Susana Toro Zapata, Marketing Coordinator Lise Ravnkilde, Photographer Ingrid Riis and Web Designer Mette Gier Larsen.
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