Maribo Craft Days 2021

Needlework, craft and sustainability| Magical hands in Maribo | 12th-17th October 2021

If you want to be an actor at Maribo Craft Days, the registration is open until the 1st of June

Magical hands in Maribo

Come to the festival of needlework, craft and sustainability in week 41 in Maribo on the island Lolland. We look forward to meeting you at Maribo Craft Days 2022. Six days filled with adventures, inspiration and a lot of possibilities to try the charm of handwork.

Six days where we focus on the future and the community.
During the festival craft enthusiasts can meet producers and craftsmen.

We release the magic with courses, drop-in workshops, exhibitions and live demonstrations, which are going to inspire us to think and act in a different way in future.

Dig up your magical hands and become part of a new sustainable adventure community in week 41 in Maribo on the island Lolland. 

Craft in awesome settings

Experience Lolland
Experience Lolland


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