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Mario Craft Days make needlework, handicraft and sustainability funny and exciting for the small and big ones. During 5 days in week 41 in 2021 the program offers activities by the local craft associations and producers spiced by features from craft enthusiasts and professional artists from Germany and Denmark.

“I was surrounded by the beautiful location with a wonderful staff and at the same time I met a lot of nice people. It was wonderful to meet people who shared my great passion for porcelain painting. I had a wonderful talk with them, and I was given the possibility to show something of my work and explain how it came into being. I am of course going to participate in Maribo Craft Days next year."
Dorthe Lieblein Rasmussen
“I started Maribo Craft Days, because each of us can create unique things with our hands. I did not anticipate that we during the first year would have guests from Germany and Denmark, who were inspired by unique needlework, craft and the small streets in Maribo."
Bodil Egeberg
“It was funny to participate and the guests were very interested in our needlework. We hope that Maribo Craft Days will be repeated in 2020."
Lotte Sørensen

Get the program and good offers before your neighbors

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