The projekt team is missing a web designer

Besides help from the volunteers behind Maribo Craft Days we will hire a project team this year. Not all of the jobs are filled, we do still need a web designer. We search for a shark when it comes to WordPress. The job contains 60 hours during the next months.

Lasse Schwartz has started as project leader of Maribo Craft Days 2021

Professional project leader found

Lasse Schwartz who participated in Maribo Craft Days last year has been hired as project leader of the festival this year.

The new project leader has already begun with the work. One of the first things on his agenda is to find locations for the activities during the festival, and preferably much more locations than last year. Because when Maribo Craft Days begins in week 41, it is going to be, if the corona restrictions allow it, with a wider and much more versatile program than last year.

Many people may know Lasse from his work in Lolland Community. He is working as a project coordinator of the Food Community Madfællesskab Lolland-Falster, he is going to continue with this whilst he is working as project leader at Maribo Craft Days.

Lasse originally has an education as Clothes designer at Helleup Textil Akademi. Here he had design of women clothes as major subject, with weight on the craftmanlike subjects, such as pattern developing, draping, needlework technic, machine knitting, coat and fur. After his studies he has worked with his own brand and has participated in several community shops in Copenhagen and has also sold his design to shops in Denmark and Norway.

From 2016 to 2018 he was educated in food and health at the school Professionshøjskolen Absalon. For him food and design belong together. Both things stimulate the senses. And he is always fascinated when an object is created with conviction:

 “If the creator is faithful to a style, and his process I am impressed by the object, also even though it does not fulfil my personal taste. For me this is the magical thing about good craft. It can communicate a message, history, passion and sometimes a scandal, and it can also create a great practical value and utility value”, he explains.

As project leader of Maribo Craft Days he particularly is looking forward to creating many good experiences and showing Maribo to all the visitors at the festival. He anticipates that Maribo will be put on the map as a center of good craft and needlework.

 “It will be fantastic, if everybody knows that you have to mark with a cross in your calendar in week 41 2021 if you want to see unique, sustainable and beautiful craft”, he wishes.

Registration for actors

Several former actors already now ask when you can sign up Maribo Craft Days 2021.

You can between the 1st of May until the 1st of June.

If you want to take part as an actor at the festival in week 41 you have to click on and fill out an application during May.

As soon as the registration has been closed, the project group will choose the actors. All the applicants will be notified shortly after whether they are actors or not.

“We want as wide a program as possible and we hope that many different people want to show their needlework or craft ability”, says project leader Lasse Schwartz.

Maribo Craft Days on Instagram

Maribo Craft Days are now having an Instagram account. Here we will share pictures and small videos of beautiful needlework and crafts. Our Instagram account is easy to find, it is called maribocraftdays.

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